Design is communicating ideas

The word design comes from Latin designo, same origin as designate: “To mark out and make known; to point out; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description”. It is about communicating an idea, not just composing it.

Ten Tenets of User Experience Design

These are my tenets, the ones by which I guide my design. Very high level, perhaps more guidelines than rules. 1. User Experience Design is about the user/customer User experience design is about understanding how users think and see the world, what they want to accomplish and how they would succeed on accomplishing their goals and […]

Should UX designers code?

What most people might be trying to ask is: [web] designers [would benefit from learning to] code [ html and css, and, perhaps, javascript]. Answer to that? Most probably very helpful for web designers anyway. Herein the reasons.

Every (design) experience, one (design) experience

Designing for any interactive medium is like writing a story. You choose your characters (target audience), try to describe them the best you can (personas), then imagine them doing many things around your product/service (user journeys), in many different orders and flows, living the product one task at a time. That’s most probably why it is called “User Experience Design”. […]

From defensive to impressive

Most of my work as UX designer happens within a team with lots of access to the processes, the research and even the users and their feedback. Most of the time I depend on and value feedback from my team regarding UI and process, as they help me see the pieces and parts I miss, […]

Can design change the world?

Definitely so. If you really think about it, design can definitely change the world. The degree, the direction and the ethical value of that change might vary, so perhaps the accomplishment of what that phrase “change the world” usually means (as in “make a difference”) might not happen almost all the time, but change as […]

It’s not the hamburger, it’s the menu

I read The Hamburger Menu Doesn’t Work. I thought the article a very interesting one hinging on a topic that requires more discussion and thought. However, I found the title rather misleading. Here are my thoughts. I think the point is not about the “hamburger” menu (and implicitly the icon being responsible of the misusage) not working, but any […]