Clients:  AOL,  BMW,  British Gas,  Cisco,  Ericsson,  Google,  HomeGoods,  Hewlett-Packard,  Intel,  McDonalds,  Mattel,  PayPal,  Pirelli,  Procter & Gamble,  Red Bull,  Sony


  • Victor worked with my team at PayPal and quickly established himself as one of my most trusted designers. In everything from end-to-end design strategy, wire framing, prototyping, and stakeholder interaction, Victor knew instinctively what to do without being told, and executed on it flawlessly. We miss having him on our team!

    Jonathan managed Victor at PayPal

    jonathan-mann-205px Jonathan Mann Director, User Experience Design at PayPal

  • Victor was always very thoughtful on the subjects of User Experience and Service Design. He played a major part in internal discussions, initiatives and the knowledge sharing culture of LBi’s User Experience department. He is a talented worker, as well, balancing professional consulting and client relationship skills with a high degree of interaction design craft. He was a big loss to LBi UK.

    Jason managed Victor at LBi London (now DigitasLBi)

    0c3d8c2-200x200 Jason Mesut Experience strategy and design across all touchpoints

  • Victor is very creative, both artistically and with his approach to user experience design. I very much enjoyed working with Victor and would definitely work with him again.

    Amanda worked with Victor at LBi London (now DigitasLBi)

    15e8836 Amanda Cano Senior User Experience Consultant at IBM Studios London

  • I worked with Victor during 2007 at LBi London. It was an absolute pleasure. He has boundless energy, enthusiasm and a rare approach to UX that seems to based as much on intuition as it is on formal skills. He is also quite fearless and never shy about provoking debate – a vital skill when working in a cross-disciplinary environment. He has managed to channel the trademark South American passion into his work – and I believe any creative team would benefit from his presence.

    Christian worked directly with Victor at LBi London (now DigitasLBi)

    2983b54 Christian Vandersee Product Manager at MEDrefer Pty. Ltd., Service Architect & Creative Technologist at Design Kind

  • Victor is a great designer. His ability to put Fluidtime’s ideas in graphics and his clearness when designing the interfaces to our services were simply amazing to me.

    Antonio worked directly with Victor at Fluidtime Data Services

    3bfebd5 Antonio Terreno Partner at Equal Experts

  • Victor has to be one of the most knowledgeable and multi-talented web professionals I have worked with in recent years. Although he worked at Brilliant as a Senior Creative but his ability to look at a brief from both a creative as well as a technical perspective made his recommendations highly valuable to the project. I’d be more than happy to recommend his services to anyone.

    Usman managed Victor at Brilliant UK

    AAEAAQAAAAAAAANmAAAAJDA5ZDM4NTBlLTQyOGUtNGU0Mi05ZTQ2LWRkNzJkMTg4OTMwYw Usman Sheikh Group Design Director at Barclays

  • Victor is extremely sharp and in complete mastery of his subject matter. He can be relied on to have thought through and come up with solutions to problems tactical and strategic. He is always willing to accept the suggestions of others, and just as willing to push forward with his own ideas, when he knows precisely what needs to be done. His seriousness about his work is unmistakeable. I highly recommend Victor as a UX/IA designer, and as a team leader.

    Vanessa worked directly with Victor at Perception NYC/Fusion Garage

    0fed6e4 Vanessa Beatriz Soto Executive Producer at Magnani Caruso Dutton

  • Victor is an excellent UX practitioner. He takes a very pragmatic approach to UX design and is very focused on making sure his design solutions are user-centered. He is also very good at brainstorming and coming up with multiple solutions for complicated UX problems. He has worked extensively on responsive web projects and has a strong POV on how a responsive site should be designed, which was very helpful.

    He is diligent and hard working, and would be a great asset to any UX team!

    Kris managed Victor at Razorfish for Intel

    Kris Kepler Design Director at Razorfish San Francisco

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