sustainably designing

i have always had argues with my bosses for the fact that i can be extremely fast, but sometimes i’m extremely slow.

those argues have always come down to the same response: times are i just can’t find the right way to do it. most of the arguing never settles to a common conclusion, but the trust in my ability renders it sparse and bearable, i guess.

the problem arises from two different perceptions of what the right way means. and my interpretation of it is quite strict, since i don’t like to code twice the same function once the settings (often predictably) change. so i code for error, for parameter change and for portability. but i’m a poor coder, i just learn fast enough to keep myself afloat.

i’m a lousy coder. my code looks like a child learning to walk. it walks the walk, but the inner bowels look oftentimes creepy, sometimes just amateur. but my code usually can be reused in other projects after major surgery… but not complete rewriting. and that is what i think is sustainable of my process.

so how to concile my interpretation of “the right way” with my boss’ vision? that’s where real sustainable design/code comes handy. i’m supposing i might change it, i must, since my boss’ understanding of it goes more into what is sustainable for the company’s business (luckily i still trust my bosses in that regard).

there’s time, goodness and efficiency to take into account. sure there are a million other variables, but those do for me right now. so what is the formula that keeps it all tight into the company’s sustainability model?

i don’t have a formula, though it will help. formulas are an excellent way to discover your view model is wrong, and where, let alone decipher your view model as total crap once in a while. people think (i love this phrase, “people think”) formulas are decanted bits of truth, but theyre not. they’re the state-of-things of any model, and they’ll be refuted in a short while, all of them (define “short” in a wide sense and i’ll be always right, by Heisemberg’s Uncertainty Principle).

let’s just say i’m in search of the sustainably designing grial for now. once i get my hands on such a precious deal, i’ll worry about sustainable design. for now.