From defensive to impressive

Most of my work as UX designer happens within a team with lots of access to the processes, the research and even the users and their feedback. Most of the time I depend on and value feedback from my team regarding UI and process, as they help me see the pieces and parts I miss, and bring about perspectives I’m less familiar with.
However, I’ve noticed moments when I’m rather defensive of the interaction/interface design, criticising every suggestion teammates might come up with. Those moments come when I’m in a situation where the value of design is questioned a priori or I’m not given space to do my job.

I’m inclined to think this happens to others as well.

If it might seem as if someone in our team is being more defensive than required, it would be good to consider if they have enough room where to contribute and enough support from the team. That might be all it takes to get from defensive to impressive.