Cache the text area, web browser

Hey you, web browser! Yes, you! Why don’t you cache the content of any text area every time I get some focus on it and start typing in?

Please. You know how to recognise them (does sounds familiar to you?) You know I’ll be typing that kick-ass, witty reply to one of those jackass know-it-all bloggers. You know I’ll be spilling my guts on my lousy-but-cherished blog. You know (and if you don’t, you should) I might be adding that project description on my most recent state-of-the-art ajax-enabled online killer-app subscription project management service I just paid the buck for.

So yes, you might say I’m an ass. And I might decide to not discuss that point. But I’m human and I err. What is your excuse? You have the means and the knowledge, so please, smart up! Is that too much to ask from you?

(note: I know half of browsers already do that. I’m talking to the other dumbass half).