best new year’s resolutions

first (and only) runner-up

talking about new year’s resolutions:

n) i decided to write a post a day. but then substance got in the way, and i decided to change it to at least a post a week, and to find more inspiration, or just time to get on paper ideas i have every day and then write them down at night. at least one every week stuck.

n) i decided to create an online service. i have the space, i have the bandwidth, i have some programming skills (rusty but steady) and i have the urge. i don’t have the time, bummer. i just want to see if being able is a major motivator, or if you just need a genuine and utter genial idea to start something everybody’s starting these days. conditions: it has to be simple, it has to be limited to ‘three’ pages per person (whether it is navigation, real estate or just reach), it has to be able to go live two weeks after starting developing it (max. a month). and i hope i won’t do it by myself (so i need a girlfriend-programmer).

n) i decided i wanted to do more stuff. so i wouldn’t take that much care of what i do, i wouldn’t be perfectionist about my results and projects, i just want to do more. i’d care to get away with the minimum indispensable not to be fired, or to ruin my reputation (i think i might have a reputation somewhere). the idea is to do more, period.

n) i want to direct/edit/produce a video. a short video, no matter the subject. i guess i’d act on it. i want to explore other narrative environments, that’s all. to see what’s to tell a story in a different format. to expose myself to art or whatever the outcome is.

n) i decided to write a novel. a short novel. a short story. a poem. something. i won’t keep this one, i know.

n) i decided to travel more, and to make my first trip alone, by myself. i still get the impression i’d get bored, but i won’t: it is my brain honking on its fears.

n) i decided i’ll continue smoking. this is such a bad moment to quit. but then, to feel a little better (in fron tof my family at least) i decided to excercise more. no. to excercise.

n) i decided to get me a new computer. i needed one resolution that i could easily accomplish!

n) i decided i want to start studying a career change. i thought i’d love to become a part-time hairdresser, part-time bookstore clerk. or perhaps an MPhil. or maybe to become my own boss. i’d be glad enough not to become ‘like’ my boss.

n) i decided to do something that helps people. something of a humanitarian level. whatever it is, i just have to do something.

and you?

i’m not numbering the resolutions just in case i decide to add more (or, more probable, to take some out!)