About design.yahoo.com

A couple of weeks ago I was pointed to design.yahoo.com. I went and check it, expectations high and excitement built up…

I personally expected more from a subdomain as design.yahoo.com, being it at the same (virtual) place as Flickr and Delicious (in the Yahoo family). We’re talking about one of the major players in the online world of today. Their vision of R&D might show the world what they’re striving for. And right now it does not amount to more than a couple of projects with future, a bunch of rehashed ideas, and a lonesome blog.

I think Design Yahoo has to hurry up and fill the subdomain with work, and not let it die of lack of content and a forgotten blog, as I also reckon the launch has happened a little too soon: the blog is already 6 weeks old and it has only one entry saying “Hi, We’re excited to share our work with you. Watch this space for more, soon.”. Define soon.

Everybody wants to be design these days, but the way is not to collect some mildly interesting projects and throw them in a cool URL, together with a blog and some videos, and then forget about the whole thing.

Anyone can do such a move. Yahoo, you can do better than that.

Update (28/11/07): After some days of uncertainty, design.yahoo.com finally awoke to the full splendor of their projects. Wish you the best of lucks.