Corinna Hinke

Victor was brought on board to provide UX to create a CMS system for the Google Marketing team that manages static/marketing content. He worked with the team for 6 months and was the sole UX Designer for a team of 12 Google CorpEng developers in Sunnyvale, CA and New York, NY.

I managed Victor at Google while he worked on designing the user experience for the new Google CMS for Marketing. He came in as the project had already started, and with his UX expertise he quickly understood the needs and requirements and started defining the required UI for the project. In parallel he helped guide user research to validate how the product will be used internally by key stakeholders.

Victor defined the UX and visuals that tightly adhered to Google’s Material Design guidelines, created deliverables and worked with a remote team of developers to successfully define a great solution for a very technically challenging product.

Corinna managed Victor at Google