Cisco SkillZone

Design of the supporting online platform for an IoE (Internet of Everything) employment and education service

Ericsson Mobile App

Ericsson Mobile App Ericsson Mobile Support App for Ericsson Worldwide Sales Personnel 2.0

Redesign of the platform, focussed on a community approach.

GridOS Interface

Overall UX/Design direction for final phase of the GridOS interface project.

BMW EV Dashboard

The BMW EV (Electric Vehicle) Dashboard shows you the impact of electric vehicles on the environment and your wallet. Feature Tour

Mini-site to introduce the general public to, a new FOSS (Free Open Source Software) platform from Canonical.

Fluidtime Site

Ideas, design and development for a new simpler, easier to update and more informative site for

Fluidtime Presentation Videos

This documentary-formatted video was made for the presentation of the Fluidtime project at the end of year show of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII).

Fluidtime Website

Website for the Fluidtime research project from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII)