Responsive Web Platform Redesign

Redesign of the whole property, intended to improve the user experience of both visitors and content providers, including:

  1. Making the whole platform responsive, simplifying presentation and maintenance for all touchpoints.
  2. Improving the user experience by creating Storytelling boilerplates for content owners to start from, thus improving the likes of better content presentation.
  3. Eliminating pain points for Intel content providers by simplifying the content management platform from 47 modules to 9 to choose from when adding content.

Most of the wireframes presented here were only a visual reference from where to start the real design process, which happened in real code. We made all design decisions directly on an online prototype. We also used this prototype to present to the client, who tested it on 27 different devices in their test lab, ranging from iPhones to touchscreen-enabled ultrabooks, to ultrawide-screen monitors.

User Experience Guidelines

Personas and Consumer Journeys

Platform Analysis and Content Structuring

Proposed Storytelling Framework

Responsive Prototype

Product Visual Design