Homegoods – Wireframes and Visual Designs

At this point, saturated with learnings about the business, the platform and the customer goals, we started the design process.

In order to speed up the idea-generation process, we started with a couple of mini ‘design sprints’ where for 5 days we sketched scenarios, created simple pdf prototypes and presented them to prospective customers in 5 min interviews in front of a Homegoods store around New Jersey.

After getting a couple of ideas enroute, and given the highly visual nature of our stakeholders, we decided to collaboratively sketch wireframes and move them directly to designs, presenting to stakeholders always a final visual product that ended up giving us much better and faster feedback. We then anotated directly on top of designs in InDesign, adn move them to developers and the QA team.

This process helped us achieve the tight milestones and budget we were working for.

The solution we developed met all the requirements from the customers and from the technical constrains, but moreover, it achieved a level of satisfaction from Homegoods visitors that excelled all expectations and created real ‘wow’ moments for online visitors.

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