Generation Green is a schools and community programme from British Gas, devised to promote environmental awareness by giving schools and parents advice and easy to take actions which can earn them green leaves for their school.

The generation green site was conceived under a simple principle: teachers don’t have much free time, and any supporting service to be offered to them had to be simple yet with enough substance for the schools to consider introducing it into their already busy study programmes.

Most of the site’s interactive process are either triggered by simple calls to action, or managed as linear processes that won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete.

In order to facilitate the transition and learning from the viewing to the managing of the site, the administrating section is just a series of active buttons on top of the same page view, and all interactive tasks occur inline, in simple 3- to 4-step linear processes.

The whole wireframing process was conducted in the Axure RP application, thus allowing a working prototype in every step of the wireframing process, greatly simplifying the client’s understanding of the site, and allowing us to directly test the iterations on professors and other knowledgeable stockholders. This allowed our team to take a rather small project and convert it into a comprehensive, robust, full-fledged nationwide programme, with the client’s idea of what the final product will be like all along the process path.

Wireframes and Designs