Online tool to allow clients to review and sign-off project phases, deliverables and creatives for Brilliant UK.

The cva project aims to a more engaging way to connect with the client remotely and keep them updated and involved in the creation and production process.

By means of a visually appealing, easy to use interface the client can follow closely each and every step of the process, sign-off creatives and documents with confidence of knowledge and keep a deliverable-centred conversation with the company, instead of the usual emails and phone calls.

The client interface (the ‘client’) is all made in flash, in order to maximise the sexyness for the client, still keeping it to a simple usable interface, easy to manage in simple clicks and steps. The client has also access to notes, issues that have been raised either by them or by the company, a milestone list and calendar with reminders of next actions on an overview panel that will give a complete current view of where his project (and money) are.

The administrator interface (the ‘admin’) is all built in php/html/css/js, and by some simple ajax-enabled actions it is an easy to learn on-site inline editing tool. Adding projects and assets could not be easier.