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Cisco SkillZone – Final Prototype (HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap)

Every week we’ll have at hand the deliverables for a specific section that would be immediately embedded into a fully functional prototype (html/css/javascript jquery/bootstrap) that I built myself from scratch.

I then started having tri-weekly meetings with the development team that started building the interface. Since they had access to the final fully-functional prototype they already had a precise idea of what they were building. In our meetings we went together through the site and solved together any minor or major issue they might run into.

Thanks to the team work and the collaboration level, we were able to build the whole site in less than 5 months with a team of just only 3-4 developers.

I also took advantage of the working prototype to present to other stakeholders and managers, and to conduct further testing on subject matter experts and other individuals similar to the target audience.

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