Strategy, Design Concepts and User Experience Architecture for the BMW Electric Vehicle Dashboard interactive/mobile application on the BMW Activate The Future website.

The need: After we helped BMW successfully launch an iOS/Android app to help people understand if an electric vehicle was for them, they came back to us asking to make an online application to tell visitors the history of energy.

The process: After scrupulous analysis and taking into account the timeline for the launch of the BMW EV iOS/Android app, my team and I suggested BMW America to take advantage of the recently released iOS/Android app and create a web app for those interested in getting more information about their compatibility with an electric vehicle, whereas they were users of the app or not.

The solution: The BMW Electric Vehicle Dashboard shows you the impact of electric vehicles on the environment (minimal) and your wallet (maximal). The iPhone/Android app allows users to log their commutes by syncing trips to the online dashboard. Connecting the BMW EV app to the EV Dashboard on, or using it as a standalone web app, visitors would be able to see what impact driving an EV would have for their life and the world, comparing their data to national averages. Different behaviors earn you different badges, as you learn more about how you drive and what the impact of an EV would be.

The result: An astoundingly successful campaign that won awards and never stop delighting and informing audiences.