sustainably designing

i have always had argues with my bosses for the fact that i can be extremely fast, but sometimes i’m extremely slow. those argues have always come down to the same response: times are i just can’t find the right way to do it. most of the arguing never settles to a common conclusion, but […]

Learning (interaction) from Las Vegas

I ran into a friend’s post that showed a project on wine bottle finding through RFIDs. It made me wonder about something else, an ancillary quality of interaction: that of playability: ‘able to be used or played’ (not playfulness: ‘the quality of being light-hearted or full of fun’). There has been enough critic about the Mac OS X […]

web 1.0? what? when? where?

The things free browsing brings to the shore just when you less expect them to. So we’re into this web 2.0 yadda-yadda, and since we never heard of web 1.0 we suppose it is what we had before. Well, want to know the truth? The web was born as 1.0. Tim Berners-Lee decided so when he […]

Software is just the means, not the end

People don’t want to spend hours browsing pages. People don’t want to spend hours uploading files, filling in long forms, or even browsing millions of images. People don’t want to code their way into an application. People don’t want to spend time on their computers. People want to find information. People want to have their photos on their last […]

Cache the text area, web browser

Hey you, web browser! Yes, you! Why don’t you cache the content of any text area every time I get some focus on it and start typing in? Please. You know how to recognise them (does sounds familiar to you?) You know I’ll be typing that kick-ass, witty reply to one of those jackass know-it-all bloggers. You know […]

In the reign of the digital ‘A’

I’ve been using computers since I can remember (and perhaps most of you have too). I’ve had an iPod for more than three years and I’ve used many cellphones throughout the last 7 years or so. And I have come to realise it pays for your name to start with an ‘A’. Very much. Too much. In […]

About minishowcase

This is my current vision of the minishowcase online photo gallery software (developed by me): Hi there, I am very happy about what minishowcase has proven to mean to some people that have shared it with me here in this forum and in some emails I’ve received. minishowcase has been a delight to work on […]

Optimism and Service Design

I was asked (indirectly) what was I optimistic about this year. The answer to that: I am optimistic about applied intelligence on service models, or better, service design being a major player these days. I heard about services the first time in 1999, on one of the simplest presentations I’ve ever seen. Simple because it was mostly data, and hard concepts explained from […]