The value of a seed

What is the value of an idea? According to me, it is very close to none, null, zit, nada, cero, niente. And if you have had some, you know what I mean. We all have ideas. Some of us constantly. Some others every day. Some every some minutes. We have many ideas a day. Sometimes we don’t […]

Better experiences and Service Design

Service design seems to (still) be one of those things everybody wants and is doing. It has arrived from and to conferences, it is asked and sold to clients to diversify and enhance their brands while keeping the customers and users satisfied. So it might be time for everybody to think what Service design is. […]

Productivity in big environments

While reading this post on Looks Good Works Well by Bill Scott, I started wandering about scale and methodologies. As Scott mentions, when he started using Extreme Programming in agile methodology, it worked for him when not taking it literally or dogmatically, but as guidelines that informed his process. I wonder if that is not […]

The picture of New

Lately I have found myself thinking much about innovation. It is a very difficult word to define these days, and it has to do with the marketing value it has. Today I was looking at a fantastic picture from Reuters about a dreadful fall of Dani Pedrosa, a spanish rider for Honda, in the Japanese […]

A little research on wikis

I’ve been running a little research on how wikis can affect/improve communication processes for companies, enhance collaboration and consolidate files and information versions. Here are some of the most interesting articles I have found (i’ll be updating it as I continue my check) Case Studies: Lost Boys and TWiki Avenue A | Razorfish Examples: Nokia and Vodafone […]


A couple of weeks ago I was pointed to I went and check it, expectations high and excitement built up… I personally expected more from a subdomain as, being it at the same (virtual) place as Flickr and Delicious (in the Yahoo family). We’re talking about one of the major players in the online […]

People-centred Design

It has been a buzz word for some time. It occurred to me that perhaps it is not that new a buzz word, or even a concept. It came to me that some actors use to research roles they will play, for example, George Clooney being in a real ER before doing ER, and Leonardo […]

Mediated content, part 1

We love social networks. Or we don’t. There’s something interesting about social networks: they put us in contact with information and resources that are indiscernible for us without peer’s mediation. Until now (in most of cases) peer mediation has existed as a side-effect, as a collateral. Most of social networks don’t let peers mediate information or resources, […]

In the end, it has to work

I have not been around for a while. I’ve been busy organising my move to London. It’s not complicated, but it requires my head to be in the details. I’ve been also working on some interesting projects. Now I can say it, since when I was given the briefs, they did not look so interesting. I thought they […]

best new year’s resolutions

first (and only) runner-up talking about new year’s resolutions: n) i decided to write a post a day. but then substance got in the way, and i decided to change it to at least a post a week, and to find more inspiration, or just time to get on paper ideas i have every day […]