Growing Up With Processing

Long long time ago, I was but an architect so attracted to the Interaction Design world I got a shot helping a research project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea along mastermind Michael Kislinger. I was in charge of designing an interface for a Java mobile service called Fluidtime ( I did so and while in […]

Twenty things Sagmeister has learned so far

Helping other people helps me Having guts always works out for me Thinking that life will be better in the future is stupid. I have to live now Organizing a charity group is surprisingly easy Being not truthful always works against me Everything I do always comes back to me Assuming is stifling Drugs feel […]

Mediated content (Part 3)

Fred Oliveira, from webreakstuff, suggested in this article to stop reading your rss feeds. An intriguing idea that I’ve been forced to follow for the last 6+ months, I replied: Afraid of the increasing number of unread posts, I have been postponing catching up with RSS for so long, it is 6+ months already, so there it goes. […]

Simple vs. complex interfaces (Part 1)

In order to psychologically approach interfaces, one might always need to contextualise them, as cognitive processes are affected by the environment they’re immerse into. Some complex systems require complex interfaces and steep learning curves for users to acquire an adequate state of mind (air controllers, train controllers and operators, jet pilots), and simplifying them might […]

Mediated content (Part 2)

In an interesting article (some time ago) Leisa Reichelt talked about trends in Gardening tools for Social Networks. If you have the time to go through it (it is a lenghty article) it might do for an interesting read. Main points seem to be: Social Networks have very few or no tool to trim your contacts […]

Broadcast yourself ™

We seem to still be in the broadcast yourself phase of the internet. Blogs, twitter, feeds, gmail, digg, you name it: think of any of the customary ruling trendy growing online services/apps, they (mostly) all seem to have one thing in common: broadcast information. Email was (and probably still is, beside social networks) the online […]

Make the client happy

I’ve been thinking about a phrase that stuck on my mind some days ago, perhaps because of a song from Simon and Garfunkel: keep the client satisfied. The original song line says ‘keep the customer satisfied’ but I got it stuck in my brain with ‘customer’ exchanged for ‘client’. I started to feel there was something in […]

What the new iGoogle could have showed me

Lately (and perhaps constantly since they opened their Google Labs), Google has been coming with more and more new ideas integrated with their products. recently they deployed a new interface for iGoogle, their personalised widgetised front page. According to Lifehack, seems that opinions are divided but uniformly: 45% liking it against 55% that don’t agree […]

If it ain’t broken

Some days ago, I got a document from the company that I’m working for, stating a project’s technical guidelines for a client to be signed off. Most of the vocabulary was right, but sometimes wrongly used, as technological clichès. This mentioned document serves as a template for most projects, and I imagine that for a while […]