Design is communicating ideas

The word design comes from Latin designo, same origin as designate: “To mark out and make known; to point out; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description”. It is about communicating an idea, not just composing it.

On design generalists and specialists

Recently I was asked by a junior designer the following: “As I am looking for my next opportunity, I think about how should I plan my career path. Would you suggest a designer at the beginning of the career to dedicate to one domain, or, to try out different stuff?”. This question was circling around the …

Should UX designers code?

What most people might be trying to ask is: [web] designers [would benefit from learning to] code [ html and css, and, perhaps, javascript]. Answer to that? Most probably very helpful for web designers anyway. Herein the reasons.

Ten things I’d like to tell my son if he’d become a UX designer

Becoming a father has changed the way I see the learning process. Now that I have a son, I realise he might one day learn things as I did, by sheer curiosity and an avid exposure to the world of knowledge. And as I’ve seen around, he might run into popular, catchy and groupthink-based approaches that everyone else are following. …

Every (design) experience, one (design) experience

Designing for any interactive medium is like writing a story. You choose your characters (target audience), try to describe them the best you can (personas), then imagine them doing many things around your product/service (user journeys), in many different orders and flows, living the product one task at a time. That’s most probably why it is called “User Experience Design”. …