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Growing Up With Processing

Long long time ago, I was but an architect so attracted to the Interaction Design world I got a shot helping a research project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea along wunderkind Michael Kislinger.

I was in charge of designing an interface for a java mobile service called Fluidtime ( I did so and while in the makings I was proposed to explore the possibility of using a then IDII faculty member Casey Reas’ project called proce55ing to deliver a working prototype.

I gingerly and obtusely said “yes”, and embarked on a journey of Java-programming learning, that at the beginning, fearfully daunted but enticed me. As I had some knowledge of the already obsolete-driven Macromedia Director’s Lingo, this was a proper programming language challenge, and I decidedly took it.

Some months after, I was, to my utter astonishment, able to fulfill creating a working version of what later will become a java developer’s proper version of a Fluidtime mobile java applet. It came to life from my tiny prototype, which could humbly run on a desktop and let you be aware of the bus traffic around your location in lovely Torino, Italy.

I can still look back to those days where, thanks to proce55ing (later Processing) I was empowered to create what has became my first Java working application, and the starting point to years of indulgent, delightful programming, the very hands-on base to my Interaction Design passion.

Thanks to Ben Fry and Casey Reas for letting me envision and produce what my designer’s mind created, and for letting me know that I could be part of that previously elusive world of Software Programming that Processing so easily put into my naïve designer’s hands.